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Here at, we focus on Hard Data! Where can Provable Hard Data lead us? Well a long way! What we have learnt over the course of the last decade or so, is now showing up in the experiments of other researches! Have you ever heard of Partnered Output Coils? Many have today!

Partnered Output Coils are NOT a new concept! We have done our homework on this, as we always do, and it turns out they are everywhere! All the greats used them! All of them! See our: Support Section! They may not have known at the time, and many have said:

I have no Idea how it works, but it does!


Einstein's Mass Energy Equivalence

Mass is Energy, compressed by C2, which is the Speed of Light2

Paul Dirac said:

We must regard it rather as an accident that the Earth (and presumably the whole solar system) contains a preponderance of negative electrons and positive protons. It is quite possible that for some of the stars it is the other way about.

The Dirac Sea, is therefore composed of Charged Particles, Electrons and Protons, carying a specific Charge polarity and therefore Magnetic Moments!

All Mass that contains Elementry Charged Particles is therefore a Source of Energy! As stated by Einstein's Mass Energy Equivalence, Energy that can be Pumped by Magnetic Fields that change in time!


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