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Spin Wave Technology



Hi Everyone,

An interesting and very relevant technology for "Energy from the Aether Field" is Spin Wave technology.

  I have found in some of the Old Alfred Hubbard Documentation some information that may link in to this Spin Wave Technology. Alfred Hubbard talks about "Natural Magnetic Resonance"

He states that Natural Magnetic Resonance Frequency is 2.8GHz.


Alfred goes on to recommend Resonance Frequencies for his Transformer:


2.8GHz / 2^19 = 5,340Hz

2.8GHz / 2^18 = 10,681Hz

2.8GHz / 2^17 = 21,362Hz


I think at this point it is important to also point out that Floyd did study the same concept: Magnetic Resonance by Floyd A. Sweet. PH. D

Floyd talks about the "Jensen Device" and also "Jensen Amplifying Transformer" - I have not found a single bit of information about the Jensen Device.



What a huge effort to put these videos together and document this information. This guy is a genius. I see he has a book also: Spin Wave Technology : Initial Release


"That old Spin Wave Technology website can still be found here:"