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The Flouride Deception

Fluoride is Toxic!

Don't be a Dummy! Do the Research for yourself!

Fluoride is Highly TOXIC - Stop the Fluoride in the Water Supply, Toothpaste and chemicals added to foods!

Ref: Fluoride Toxicity

There are now hundreds of reports that show the real truth. The truth that has been hidden for some 80 years. You were told its good for you, by Doctors, Dentists and other professionals. This is all proven to be a lie. Get off your backside and do the research, its all out there for you to read.

Alex Jones has done his research! He has one of the best Iodine products on the market to fight the affects of Flouride Build Up in the Body. Good on you Alex and Co!

Here in Australia, the Byron Local Council has stopped the Fluoride in their Water Supply. I solute you for doing the right thing! Fluoride is TOXIC and does much more harm than good! The sad thing is, some of the media painted them as being criminals and not doing the right thing. The day I saw this in the media, I really woke to the real intentions of the media. I had suspected them as being a controlled entity already but just did not know how much. See the following link to see the best of the reports:

Byron Council Votes Against Adding Fluoride