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Inventor - Floyd 'Sparky' Sweet

The 19th of May, 1986, was the first reported successful experiment of Floyd Sweet, then just called the 'Oscillator', later renamed to the 'Space Quanta Modulator' and later renamed to the 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier' by Tom Bearden. The now famous 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier' is shrouded in mystery! Everyone has a different Storey!

Device (s):

The Oscillator, The Space Quanta Modulator, later renamed to the VTA by Tom Bearden


Mark Goldes, Darryl Roberts, Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Bill Lawry, Al Morgalan, Peter Bruce


The 19th of May, 1986, was the first reported successful experiment of Floyd Sweet, then just called the 'Oscillator', later renamed to the 'Space Quanta Modulator' and later renamed to the 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier' by Tom Bearden. The now famous 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier' is shrouded in mystery! Everyone has a different Storey!

Experimental proof cant be debated. We have already shown that some theories on the VTA were wrong and Experiment can very easily prove this. The developmental progress of Floyd Sweet's VTA can be viewed as progressional. This means that as time goes on, with the developmental progress of the VTA, improvements were made. Huge differences from Generation One VTA to Generation Six VTA can be seen. If youre not familiar with the paper "Nothing is Something by Floyd Sweet" then I recommend you have a read: Click Here

We know of Six Generations of the Sweet VTA or Space Quanta Modulator:

  1. Generation One VTA
    The historical date, 19th of May of 1986, is when Floyd "Sparky" Sweet first demonstrated the Revision One Space Quanta Modulator. A following demonstration was given on Saturday the 24th May 1986 at 3pm. People present at this demonstration were Mark Goldes and Daryl Roberts of the ASOP Institute (Funding Sparky at the time). Revision one was in the order of six to 19 watts of output. Revision two, an improvement on the Revision One VTA was in the order of 100 to 110 watts. Lab Notes were taken on Wednesday the 4th June 1986 and Friday the 6th June 1986.
  2. The Generation Two VTA
    Not a great deal is known about the Generation two Space Quanta Modulator. We have a few pictures that were released by John Bedini to Jerry from The Generation two VTA consisted of a single Magnet with a big sponge underneath it. It had an Alloy box with lots of taped up, what appeared to be coils inside the box. As far as we can tell, this version of the Space Quanta Modulator was around the 110 Watts output.
  3. The Generation Three VTA
    Perhaps the most famous generation Space Quanta Modulator of all; Generation Three. This is when the Space Quanta Modulator was renamed to the Vacuum Triode Amplifier by Tom Bearden. A Historical Video was also taken, which is for sale on the Tom Bearden Website. The factual evidence from this video is worth a thousand words. It’s interesting to note, that this video was released in at least two versions. The first version of this video was insightful; the second version which contained a lot more video information was even more insightful.
  4. The Generation Four VTA
    Consisting of two Magnets, the Alloy Box was done away with, also added was some circuitry and a battery, this generation VTA Seemed to be able to self-support itself once started by the battery. No real facts are known about Generation Three but some good photo graphic evidence does exist.
  5. The Generation Five VTA
    Thanks to the efforts of Toby Grotz and a short video done by what appears to be a Television Crew possibly for a documentary, the Generation Five VTA was also fairly well documented. Consisting of two Magnets, two Power Coils, two Drive Coils, a Perspex Box and some circuitry this is an excellent visual display of the Geometry of the VTA and gives some insight on how the VTA may have worked. This is the VTA that I believe Floyd had perfected. It’s the Rolls Royce of all the VTA’s to this point.
  6. The Generation Six VTA
    In a release of Advanced Energy Research Institute, AERI, (14 Devonshire Mews West, London W1N 1FP, Great Britain), Newsletter the last known Generation VTA was displayed. If anyone has a copy of this document Please send me a copy. We know very little about this Generation VTA. It’s Possible that Floyd may have been showing the construction in the video that Toby Grotz was featured in the above Generation Five VTA but this is a bit of speculation on my part.
Floyd "Sparky" Sweet died on July 5th, 1995 of a heart attack, leaving behind a legacy now known as the VTA. The VTA has not been resurrected to this date as far as we know. We are continuing our efforts to replicate the VTA but it’s a long tough road to travel due to so much not being known about the VTA and so much information being flat out wrong. From all our research, we can only make educated guesses on the actual method of operation. We do however have more facts today than we did when we started the project.

Floyd Sweet was a case where a lot of documentation does exist! The big problem, much is simply false, stories made up either by Floyd Sweet or an interpretation of from someone that did not understand what Floyd Sweet was actually saying!

Magnet Conditioning

Anyone that has not done their homework, Magnet Conditioning was a Fraud, a Red Herring!!! It was a massive Smoke Screen to throw people off what Floyd Sweet was really doing. It does, however, become very clear what Floyd Sweet was doing after reading the following papers!

Floyd Sweet had a single goal in mind! In his words:

The current and potential windings require relatively little power, and are applied in such a manner that rate of flow of moving charges may be accelerated beyond 1 ampere = 6.2418 electrons⁄second. Thus the duty factor of the copper changes. I2R Losses diminish and more charges drawn from the now coherent space field flow at a faster rate as current to the load. This means as more current is required by varying loads more feedback magnetomotive forces free more electrons from binding forces complimented by potential magnetic forces of the orientated, coherent space field. Thus a conductor that formerly had a temperature rise above ambient labelled as a factor of 10 would now operate at a temperature of 1.0. Thus the same gauge wire would carry 10 times more current at the same temperature.

There is beauty in Logic! Common-sense tells us that Electromagnetic Induction is being Turbo Charged! There is an Increase in the actual Flow of Electrons, Current (I), as compared to what we would normally see!

How though? Well Floyd Sweet also tells us this also! Its actually very easy, very simple and again Logical!

Current is deemed as a quantity or number of charged particles moving from P1 to P2 in time t, or as the charge transferred in one second by a current of one ampere. The coulomb is the charge on 6.24 x 1018 electrons. Electric fields are due to the presence of charges. Magnetic field effects are due to the motion of charges. Current is the net rate of flow of positive charges. This is a scalar quantity.

In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right. Current to the right is: I = da+ / dt + da- / dt. Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.

Make no sense? Please do the MrPreva Experiment! This will show you all!

Sparky's Writings

Please Note: The following documents above were contained in the "Sparky's Writings" Folder. Not all documents were labelled with authors name or date on the document. On these documents I have added Floyd Sweets name as the author to these documents because they were in the "Sparky's Writings" folder.

I would like to send special thanks to Patrik for the help in transcribing some of the following documents! Thank You Patrik!

Lab Notes