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Magnetic Modulation of Charged Particles

We are all familiar with the Atom, its been the corner stone of Science for the last nearly 100 years! Here is a basic 2d interpretation of a Copper Atom, depicting the makeup of the Particles:

Please take a moment to digest all the charged Particles in a single Copper Atom!

As you can see, there are: 29 Protons, 34 Neutrons and 29 Electrons. Where many billions of Atoms make up small pieces of Matter.

Charged Particles, in motion, in the presence of the Magnetic Field will have an applied Force on the Charged Particles, this is the Lorentz Force. It is also true, that the Magnetic Field in Motion, in the presence of a stationary Charged Particle, will also have the same force. Again, the Lorentz Force.

Electrons, when put under the influence of an External Magnetic Field can change their state, and as a result, the Energy Level can change, this is the Zeeman Effect. The Orbitales of the Electron can change, depending on the Energy Level. I think an example of Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance would be fitting at this point.

Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is a electron paramagnetic resonance technique that involves the alignment of the net magnetization vector of the electron spins in a constant magnetic field. This alignment is perturbed by applying a short oscillating field, usually a microwave pulse. One can then measure the emitted microwave signal which is created by the sample magnetization. Fourier transformation of the microwave signal yields an EPR spectrum in the frequency domain. With a vast variety of pulse sequences it is possible to gain extensive knowledge on structural and dynamical properties of paramagnetic compounds. Pulsed EPR techniques such as electron spin echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) or pulsed electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) can reveal the interactions of the electron spin with its surrounding nuclear spins.


Forgetting about all the nitty gritty here for a minute, lets look at the basic process! What's going on here?

  1. The 90 Degree Pulse aligns the Electron in a specific direction, the direction of this Field.
  2. The 180 Degree Pulse is directly Opposing the Angle of Alignment, back 180 degrees out of phase.
  3. Then an Echo, a Ring Down of the Spin Axis, the Magnetic Moment, the Echo.

Much like a Spinning top, as if gets knocked out of alignment, if there is enough momentum, then the Spinning top will try to realign itself.

***   At this point, we should have a moment of realisation.   ***

This is exactly how Electromagnetic Induction Works, exactly!

  1. A Magnetic Field moves with Velocity into a Conductor arranged perpendicularly to the Field - Aligning the Electrons!
  2. A Current is drawn by the Load, and a secondary Magnetic Field appears, Equal and Opposite. - 180 Degrees to the First!
  3. Because we have Electrons Flowing in the Wire, we see, not an Echo, but a Change in Time with the Change in the Magnetic Field.

Instead of shaking the Electrons in their own orbitals, we are shifting the Electrons from their Orbitals, Electron Orbital Hopping, down the Insulated Wire!

Energy Begets Energy, everywhere we see an Energy Flow, this Energy Flow begets more Energy. Energy is invoked by Energy, not created, or destroyed, but transformed, from one state to another. An Electron can Decay into two Neutrinos, Neutrino and Anti Neutrino, and a Photon is emitted. This is called Beta Decay. But, if a Neutrino and Anti Neutrino collide, then an Electron can sometimes be created. This is what we see as Electrons Popping in and out of existence. Noting that Neutrinos are categorised into different types in their own right anyway: electron neutrinos (νe), muon neutrinos (νμ), and tau neutrinos (ντ),

Natures "Perpetual" forever-ness, the simple fact that an Atom is Billions of years old and not ever self destructed, or stopped, in its busy activities, of Electrons Orbiting, forever, the Nucleus pulsating, particles revolving about their own axes, forever, is an example of this continual Energy Flow, Energy exchange. Energy Begets Energy!

And so, a simple piece of Insulated Copper Wire has more energy in it than we could ever imagine! Sir Richard Feynman said:

"The energy in a single cubic metre of empty space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world."

Imagine how much Energy a Cubic Meter of Copper Mass has! Magnetic Fields, or Electromagnetic Fields can Modulate the Charged Particles in Matter, a Conductor allows for the passage of Charged Particles and an Insulator guides these Charged Particles to a destination. Being a Load.

Please note: This article is a work in progress and could change at any time.