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Power Generator in the Nonlinear Inductance

The below information is an English Translation of content from a Russian Forum that appears to have gone dead: (

I think this is a significant device and needs further attention. It would be really nice to see someone come forward with a little bit more information.

I know of at least two versions of this device.


IMPORTANT: What could be the actual configuration of the coil in this Flashlight see below.


Version One: Click Here


Version Two:



Version Three:

This version of the Self running Flashlight may be directly related to the two above:

Version Four:

This version of the Self running Flashlight may also be directly related to the two above: (Larger and more powerful!)






Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Вадик Гук or translated Vadik Guk. If this is the real deal you're GOLD!!! The description on Video 4 is: "Для тех кто хотел знать как мотать ......", translated means: "For those who would like to know how to wind ......"


I have put a schematic and a description of this coil arrangement shown above. Let me know if I have missed anything:





The initial post on this original Russian Forum Thread: (Translated from Russian)


Overall ... lower links and attachments ... all that is (for me) information about this flashlight ...
And from different sources ... including the author ...

Since ... often sent / surfaced doubles (the same)
and different people have different descriptions of the scheme or ...

Overall ... Up doubles ... and gathered all together ...

Video ... 3pc ....GLED-Video.rar

Photos ... 8pcs .... GLED-Foto.rar

Scheme ... 3pc .... GLED-Schematic.rar

Description ... 6pc ... GLED-Manual.rar

The same ...

One archive ... ->
GLED_ALL.rar (53,9 МБ)

In an attachment ... (to this post)

Attached file:

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PS: Unforgettable ... Thanks to put on this post ...



Below is the closest Schematic I have seen in the Forum to the working PCB in the above Videos: (#176419)


neznayka77 writes:
... Who has the seal and the correct diagram redrawn with videos and photos, please put in free access!

Sincerely, all seeking CE.
Pozhalusta take what scho at me and my understanding:






The above Circuits/Schematics/Layouts do however have errors or inconsistencies:

  1. First is the PHD3050E, there does not appear to be a part number in a TO262 package or a TO251 package. There is however a: PHD3055E.
  2. In this schematic, it does appear that this N Channel Mosfett is pulling the ve+ rail marked +6.17v to ground through R7, a 1 Ohm Resistor. I don't understand this.
  3. Several connections or components are either not drawn completely or are missing. See Circuit/Layout Issues below.
  4. The Coils don't appear to be drawn correctly or connected correctly. Specifically X0 - X3, its currently DC (Always on). See the possible theory.

In my opinion this device is real and not a Hoax as some have stated. I don't believe unless there is an elaborate see through feed wire to this device, that it could operate in a Microwave oven and still power the White LED's as it does in the video.

Circuit/Layout Issues:

  1. Resistor R1 is missing from the RV1 to ground.
  2. U2 appears to be a HEX Inverter, there are Signal Diodes and Resistors missing from each flashing LED.
  3. The Terminal X0 is missing.
  4. R7 is not connected to the ve+ rail or any other rail.
  5. We have a Diode and a 0.22 Ohm resistor missing from the board and not shown on the PCB that is drawn in the Schematic.
  6. Values of some components are missing. Some values are not significant as Flashing Led's can be determined later on by (4RC) for the time constant. Duty cycle is determined by the Diode Resistor Combination.
  7. Coil Inductance is not given. Pot Core permeability also is an important value to know.
  8. The operation of R7 to U3 and switching to Ground is important to be able to understand. As it stands the way it is connected and drawn does appear to be correct but it does not make sense to switch to ground the rail one is trying to charge.


For more information on my below description: Click Here

I believe I have made some progress on this Device. Coils and operation of them could well be related to our long standing works.

If the phasing and winding directions are correct, the LED's on L1 and L3 will light and your Input power will drop slightly.

More information may be gleamed in a document by Paul Raymond Jensen: Click Here


Update 17-04-14

To reiterate on my previous discoveries I have discovered what I believe may be an answer to this problem. In the following schematic and picture I show my coils working as they should. This said, I have found an advantage to the three coiler shown above, better results can be achieved.

How to do it!

1: Coils must be 2 separate distinct coils as is shown in the Schematic.
2: Coils must be Wired and orientated to Buck - Cancel the Magnetic Field but Electric Field does Add. Just like Floyd Sweet said!
3: I suggest low Duty Cycle, 8% or so, at low frequency (20 - 100 Hz) just to test initially.
4: Start with low voltage on the input, slowly turn it up.

Once you're there you will see what I mean.

You will get:

1: Two Output pulses for one Input pulse.
2: Output is NOT affected by Input, Lenz's Law doesn't apply from input to output! (May need a little fine tuning to get the best result)
3: A small amount of Energy is needed to keep this effect going, Power input is very small.


Red Trace is the Output Voltage.

Yellow Trace is the input Current.




I believe this device to be significant. If I am correct in what I have researched thus far, I believe there to be two key's to make this work.

  1. Understanding the Coil Configuration and operation.
  2. Understanding the Switching and Timing.

If RDSon is significant at U3 then this page would be a very good read for many: Click Here The On Resistances, in the prior link, are very low and many of the Mosfett's are designed for high speed switching also.

This device intrigues me! I think the Magic happens in the Coils but there could also be a switching component here also. I have built this device on a Breadboard but as yet I have been unsuccessful in my initial replication attempt. Its a relatively simple Circuit except for the few small issues I have with U3 and the Coil Layout.

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Possible Theory: Click Here
Very Possibly Related to the operation: Click Here
More Theory and some discussion: Click Here
Original Russian of above Document: Click Here
MELNICHENKO, Andrei - Russian Patent (RU 2009113271): Click Here
The Big Brother of the above version showing up to 105 Watts of real Power: Click Here
Translation of Notes: (m-3-1) (Math may not be correct, this is my translation from original) Click Here
*** I have shown in this video how the Coils L2 and L3 shown above can interact together with L1 *** : Click Here !!!
Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and A78S40 - Perhaps a Key Document in understanding the Circuits above: Click Here


Thanks to

Thanks to Atom for posting this information.

Thanks to my very good friend Gerry for putting me onto this device.


Since my early experiments back in 2010/11, on the A Vector Potential, Coil Winding Directions and Connections, I have had nothing but negative responses from "educated" people, on Coils and Winding and how to connect them and what they do together and how they can and cant interact together. If you're an "educated" person, then I highly discourage you from experimenting on these experiments as you will have failed before you had even begun.

However, If you want to learn and work slightly out of the box then these very simple and inexpensive experiments are where you should work first. What I am doing, is Richard Feynman's Science! Not magic!

An "educated" man once wrote:

"Everything that can be invented has been invented"

Charles Holland Duell

I wonder how stupid Charles would feel if he were alive today!!

All I can say, is, the arrogance of the "educated" is the greatest weapon in the suppression of Energy Machines. If you can see it, and you can not prove it to be a fraud, then it must be real!


If you have any information and would like to share with the rest of us, please contact me.